School Introduction

With a belief that educational system must change with changing time & implement what is new to give progressive outlook to growing scenario had a wish to start an institution. With no financial help from any quarters, with no backing of a financial aid of an industrial house, I dared to dream to set up an institution with a difference. Kota at that time had conventional way of teaching and fortunately I had a rich experience of teaching specially in Delhi Springdales which is a workshop of new methodology & implementing it, started a so called school with ten children and my thinking ways did appeal the Kotaites. Hence the school started growing steadily and if I look back the school had all those elements what is introduced now as CCE, the project work and the preparation of children to be useful social beings.

You sent me out in the dark to play, and
Wore a frightful mask;
Then departed, terror came, and play
Became a task.
Tossed to and fro, from wave to wave in this
Seething surging sea
Of passions strong and sorrows deep, grief is,
And joy to be.
- Swami Vivekanand

These eternal and mind blowing lines resemble my whole life. From the very dawn of my life, as I recall, I possessed an ambition to become a light for the children deprived of qualitative and fruitful education. But, the hills of troubles, always stood in my way. But with every emerging impediments my passion and zeal have been mounting on and on.

Though I taught in a well known academy in Delhi for 11 years under the strict supervision and administration of an English Principal, I felt relentless for running an independent institution with a blend of modern scientific approach to the methods of teaching with deeply rooted existence in Indian culture with the richest moral values.

My ambition became a mission for me in a very short span of time with the grand and glorious success of all the five students admitted at the start of my school. I am fortunate enough to have the company of dedicated, dutiful, competent and committed team of teachers from the very beginning of the school resulting in grand success of the taught. The students getting out of this school have been easily selected in IIT, AIEEE, AIPMT, RPSC, CA, CS, SSC & etc.

In the end, believing in the notion of Eudaimonia I only want to convey that the tradition of glorious success of Bakhshite had made my life worthy and it has also enhanced my will to live the life to the fullest.